Research & Expertise


Impact Investment

In 2013, we co-authored a research report “Overview of the Impact Investing Market and how Foundations can Catalyze the Sector” that covered the asset allocation and investment of leading global foundations, banks, funds, government and development finance agencies, family offices, thought leaders and infrastructure builders and accelerators.

The overall project included event sponsorships and site visits to deepen our client’s understanding of the sector.  We collaborated with TBLI Group, “a pioneer in sustainable investment (ESG and impact investing) who has been dedicated to redesigning the financial sector towards integrity of management and eco-effectiveness in order to achieve a more sustainable and social economy”.

We have extensive experience in the capacity building and funding of social enterprises that drive high impact solutions to pressing social and environmental issues. We have worked with enterprises that address women's health and financial empowerment, clean technology, microfinance, and job creation and health for marginalized groups. We have driven philanthropic capital to scale seed and early-stage social enterprises through pioneering corporate programs and through investment capital to scale growth-stage enterprises through our investment partners. This investment capital is representative of impact investing in enterprises that generate financial returns as well as measured social or environmental impact.  Thought leadership is highlighting the important role of these social enterprises and impact investment in driving economic and social development growth. We believe the insight flowing from social enterprises is key to understanding sustainability and business trends and, therefore, we strategically integrate partnerships around impact investment to build our clients' knowledge and position them as strategic leaders.  


Corporate Responsibility & Philanthropy Expertise

We have launched and built CSR platforms and divisions from conception within financial institutions where we oversaw all areas of CSR strategy formulation and organizational integration; created hundreds of multi- stakeholder partnerships and engagement opportunities among our private wealth, investment banking and retail clients, employees and communities where we operated; and gained inclusion into the leading global sustainability indices.  We have first-hand experience developing and embedding leading initiatives which were aligned to our business. By driving and seeding innovation, we have overseen, directed, and fundraised USD250M+ towards social enterprises, high-impact non-profit organizations and centres of excellence facilitating the flow of capital towards game-changers tackling some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of the 21st Century.  

This direct experience gives us a thorough understanding of the complexities that arise when firms attempt to shift from CSR platforms that are solely focused on PR value to companies which are viewed by their stakeholders as authentic and fully entrenched responsible companies who are values aligned and driven. This is a necessity for firms operating in today’s interconnected global marketplace with a diverse and increasingly vocal set of stakeholders who demand transparency, accountability and active engagement.

We always deliver leading strategies built around a tailored framework for our institutional clients. We leverage current research, our in-house experience and our strong networks to customize strategies. Themes where we have expertise and a strong network:

·      Impact Investment

·      Arts & Culture

·      Private Wealth, Executive Management & Community Engagement

·      Women and Girl’s Empowerment

·      Inclusive Markets

·      Health

·      Financial Literacy

·      Food & Water Security

·      Base of the Pyramid  

·      Community Development & Revitalization

·      Disadvantaged Children

·      Microfinance & Microinsurance

·      Social Entrepreneurship  

·      Clean Technology

·      Education

·      Organic Farming 

·      Nurtrition & Disease Prevention

·      Diversity & Inclusion/Demographic Trends

·      Sustainability Benchmarking & Memberships

·      Bridging Multi-nationals with local communities throughout Asia-Pacific Region


As a team we have delivered distinct client experiences and corporate programs through arts sponsorship, community engagement and long-term sustainability initiatives. Our goal is to create a signature project that is both memorable and lends itself to effective key messages. We have driven projects through numerous channels:

·      Venture Philanthropy

·      Social Entrepreneur and Non-Profit Accelerators and Incubators

·      Creative Licenses

·      Supply Chain

·      Brand Merchandising

·      Retail Products & Spaces

·      Galleries & Museums

·      Performing Arts Centers

·      Online Platforms (Internet, Mobile, Intranet, Webcasts and Social Media)

·      HR Services & Payroll

·       Placement of Executive Management on Nonprofit Boards

·      Employee Training/Learning & Development

·      Recruitment and Mentoring

·      Forums, Conferences, Panel Discussions with Thought Leaders

·      Strategic Role in Joint-Partnerships with Clients and Industry Peers

·      Fundraisers and Auctions

·      Green Office Initiatives and Building Retrofitting

·      Gender, Disability and Multi-cultural marketing, events and outreach

·      Relationship Building with Influencers and Thought Leaders

There is a need for ambitious innovative strategies and new kinds of investments to promote sustainable development which is the key to the eradication of poverty which tackles food security, jobs creation, transportation infrastructure development, biodiversity and water conservation, renewable energy sourcing, waste and recycling management, and the provision of education, healthcare and affordable housing in the world’s cities. Sustainable development plays such an essential role in expanding the possibilities for economic growth, innovation and social development.
— The World Economic and Social Survey 2013