We work with Corporations & Foundations on...



  • Advising executive management and the Board on leading CSR practices and trends and how these ideas can fit into the head-office, regional and local context.
  • Elevating organizational understanding of the expectations of investors, clients, employees, and broader stakeholders in respect to CSR trends, opportunities and risks.
  • Streamlining random philanthropic charitable funding into a concrete strategy aligned to the mission or corporate objectives.  


Analysis & Benchmarking

  • Conducting relevant sustainability audits and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) benchmarking to identify all opportunities for and risks facing the organization.  
  • Assessing current philanthropic efforts and leveraging existing resources and network to optimize strength of initiatives and impact.


Employee & Community Engagement

  • Driving community engagement through multi-faceted approaches that appeal to a wide-section of employees.
  • Significantly increasing visibility and relationships with community partners, stakeholders, and thought leaders.



  • Building a trusted brand aligned with targeted image (e.g. innovative, community-oriented, pro-children/women, etc.).

  • Developing targeted research and reporting material.

  • Cultivating earned media for initiatives through events, thought leadership, white papers and case studies.



  • Developing, integrating, and positioning leading CSR, philanthropy, sustainability, and social investment strategies with consideration to budget, regional, business relevancy, corporate & community engagement, social & environmental themes, supply chain, clients & stakeholders.
  • Providing end-to-end support and advice on integration and development of strategies through various stages.
  • Cross-pollinating initiatives to multiply the effect of overall strategy.
  • Educating stakeholders on impact investment and creating strategy that is relevant to sector and line of business.



  • Establishing thought leadership by building networks, taking clients to conferences, strategic sponsorships and memberships, and producing in-depth research.



  • Identifying non-profits, social entrepreneurs, development agencies and cultural institutions that deliver high impact as strategic partners.
  • Creating a positive community image that is unique from competitors.
  • Establishing pioneering or distinguished partnerships with organizations.
  • Creating inclusive markets through business products and services, supply chain and CSR initiatives.


Arts Sponsorship

  • Identifying leading visual or performing artists or cultural institutions to partner with for greatest impact to corporate brand, client appreciation and retention.